Frequently Asked Questions...(FAQs)

What are the special features of PARIKSHAN Online Tests which makes it better than other Online Tests ?
Besides the fact that PARIKSHAN Online Testing system works well for any device, operating system and browser, there is one clear advantage in academic aspects which is the fact that all Tests on PARIKSHAN ONLINE are tried and tested in the classroom environment with the brightest students in one of the leading coaching institutes for JEE and NEET in Western India viz. IITian’s Prashikshan Kendra Pvt. Ltd. The quality and authenticity of the Tests is therefore par excellence. Most other ONLINE Tests either focus too much on technological aspects and marketing the product rather than the core academic quality of the Tests.
You also get projected Percentiles and Ranks based on your absolute performance using our deep data analysis of past 3 years statistics of Entrance exams. Most other Online Tests use relative performance of the limited number of students to predict Ranks and Percentiles which has proven to be fairly inaccurate in the past.
How can I attempt a Free Test to understand the PARIKSHAN Test experience ?
We encourage you to attempt a Free Test for MHT-CET, JEE MAINS and NEET by clicking on the respective link on the HOME page. Fill in the details i.e. your name, mobile number and e-mail ID and press the Submit button. Read the instructions carefully and start giving the test.
Can PARIKSHAN Tests be given from anywhere in the world and anytime ?
The PARIKSHAN Online practice tests can be given from anywhere in the world where internet connection is available. Once registered, you can give any test at any time as PARIKSHAN is accessible 24 x 7.
Is it possible to give PARIKSHAN Online tests using any smartphone or laptop or desktop or tablet device ?
YES ! The user can give PARIKSHAN Online practice tests using any of the devices listed above with the use of internet connection and the active-data plan.
Which browsers can be used for attempting the Tests ?
The PARIKSHAN Online tests can be given using almost all the leading browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari etc.
Which type of internet connection is required ?
There is no such specific requirement of the type of internet connection. But we recommend to use either a broadband or 3G or 4G or 5G internet connection so as to experience a better performance as the data-transfer rate is higher for the same.
How much period will my account remain active on registration ?
The account will remain active for 365 days from the date of Registration.
How many times one can attempt a particular Test ?
One can attempt a particular test only once. Later on, one can see the performance in the test along with the correct answers and solutions until the account is active.
How many times one can see the performance in the previously attempted Tests ?
One can see the performance in any previously attempted test any number of times along with the correct answers to the questions and their solutions until the account is active. The account will remain active until the date of respective examination in the current academic year.
Can I download the PARIKSHAN Tests and solutions ?
No. You cannot download the Tests and solutions to the questions of PARIKSHAN Online Tests. However, you can view it any number of times on the platform.
Can PARIKSHAN Tests be given offline ?
NO. PARIKSHAN Tests can be given online only and internet connection is mandatory to access Online Tests.
Can I take the printout of the PARIKSHAN Tests and solutions ?
No. You cannot take the printout of the tests and solutions of PARIKSHAN Online Tests.
Are the Tests time-clocked as in actual Tests ?
Yes, all the tests are to be given in a specified time. After the user starts to attempt the test, the time remaining will be displayed on the top-right side of the window. User must attempt all the questions within this time. The test gets submitted automatically after the time is over. If the user finishes attempting all the questions before time, then the test can be submitted by clicking on the Submit Test Button.
Does the time to download the questions gets counted in the time given to attempt a Test ?
No, the time to download the questions does not get counted in the time to attempt the test. The countdown of the time starts every time only after the complete question gets downloaded.
What happens if the internet connection goes off while attempting the test ?
It is mandatory to have Internet connection at the START and while SUBMITTING the test. If the internet connection goes off while attempting the test in between then it will not at all affect the test. You need to simply confirm that the Internet Connection is there while submitting the test OR when the time for test gets over.
How to attempt any Test ?
After the registered user logs in, the control panel will be displayed. User can view the summary report in which the number of tests purchased for each examination, the number of tests attempted and number of tests available is displayed.
User can use the Attempt Test Button in the control panel and then either select the name of chapter after selecting the subject for chapter-wise tests or simply click on the test name for Full-portion Test and then can start giving the respective Test.
When can the results be seen ?
The Result of the test will be available immediately on submitting the Test i.e. on clicking the submit Test Button. The Marks obtained in the submitted test will be displayed along with the option to View the detailed performance. On clicking View detailed performance option, the user can check what was the correct answer of each question, what was the answer given by the user and the detailed solution of the same.
Can I see the correct answers and detailed solutions for all the questions ?
Yes, you can see the correct answers and detailed solutions of all the questions after submitting the respective test.
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